I purchased a Smith581, a friend(we’ll call him Dave) purchased a python, and “Bob” a Ruger GP101 or 100? A beautiful gun, smoothest trigger I have ever seen. The trigger reach was too long for my small hands and the Smiths are easier to polish the internal parts to smooth the double action trigger pull. To compare these fine revolvers against each other isn’t really a fair test. That is almost a 12″ barrel. I have owned revolvers made by Taurus, Llama, Colt, H & R and S & W and, to me, Smith and Wesson is simply the best. Love my S&W PC 357 8 shot revolver. The only thing making the colt valuable is the greed and speculation behind people collecting something no longer in production. The Ruger goes with me in a bug out bag, but I’m elated to have a Python in the safe. And the rubber is easy to hold onto. Smith & Wesson Forum > Smith & Wesson Revolvers > S&W Revolvers: 1980 to the Present: SW 686 versus COLT Python? Grip: Synthetic If one were blindfolded holding a 686 equipped with similar Pachmayr presentation grips, it would be difficult to tell them apart. David you are absolutly on target with your post. I also have a Smith and Wesson 627 that is just as good in all ways as the 686. It certainly is easier to work on. Dave was a great marksman with the department issued revolver. I like them all, never owned a Python, but i have shot them, I do own 2 686’s a 6″ +7 and a 4″, and some other S&W’s and Ruger’s, but I have to agree with the above post when in comes to accuracy the Dan Wesson’s are the best, especially the Monson Ma. Easy. I can’t imagine a world where the gun isn’t in production, and where a solid working gun becomes a collector’s item. All were solid with respect to accuracy and reliability. For supporting GunStreamer at this tier, we will mail you one of our lovely GunStreamer patches! The answer isn’t too complex. Nothing is close imo. Even with all the abuse, it still functioned just fine. All that junk needs to be removed, forged parts need to be returned, and they need to dump the MIM parts and on-board trigger locks into the recycle bin. I would really like the “snakes” be produced again. Buy it. Bobs Ruger, same extras $350, and I shelled out about $50-75 more. I purchased one from Shooters in Jax, Fl two weeks ago. 686, I completely agree. Do not attempt to copy at home anything you see in our videos. Question What do the experts think of the Dan Wesson model 357 magnum and the Ruger security six and the Gp100 I think? Smith and wesson 586, and 686 models were better. Any lighter and you will start to experience primmer detonation failure. The S&W wheel guns are considered to be the industry standard now. You mentioned WMD coating. I have shot a lot of matches using the 686. Buy one on GunsAmerica: https://www.gunsamerica.com/Search.aspx?T=smith%20357. Daves Python cost him $650+ with 2 boxes good ammo, a Dasantis pancake and a few odds and ends. Only a 44mag or 500 receives higher command. The 686 was Smiths last evolution of the service revolvers, made a bit beefier then the 66. We can speculate why colt stopped the revolvers, the law suits of the mid 80’s, the strike in which many of it’s skilled workers left, the fact that they were really over built and about as close to a custom hand made revolver made cost high! Hell, I distinctly prefer even Dan Wesson’s style to the counter-intuitive operation of the Colt. You won’t regret it. Has never failed to fire and pulls double action at about 8 pounds. And with prices of decent used Pythons up in the $3,000 range, a new Python could fetch a pretty high price, if Colt did it right. In regards to timing, I just got my a 686 ( pre mim) 2 1/2inch back from Smith after being retired. It start shooting back at me within 20 rounds! The Wheeler Mark VII should come in around £6,500, and it will be worth every ha’penny. I just don’t think I could have done any better. If the only alternative to the Python had been a Ruger than I would have found a way to own a Python, as between the two it offers me the better fit and balance. When shooting the Cobra, its always fun to see the flinching of those around me. Their older .357s are still readily available, too. The 586 would have been a better comparison for the Python. With the Smiths trigger return block and its single leaf spring it is impossible to get a trigger as light as you can on a Colt and still set off a primer. All are excellent shooters. Then asked him to pick the best one from those two. I liked the review and after having a nice collection of Semi autos, I felt the need for a revolver. Thank you for your knowledge and looking forward to read more of your work. It’s weight helps that digestion by taming the recoil bite of some +P or magnum loads. It was a State Trooper’s Colt, 357 and I noticed how the double action was less “stagey.” I was told how colt revolver’s double action seems to smooth out compared to a Smith. A 1956 catalogue lists a Colt Trooper at $71. The ergonomics of the cylinder release on the Smith is far superior to the Colt. Smith & Wesson killed Colt at the end of WWII, with their improvements to the K and N frames, by shortening the hammer stroke and improving the trigger pulls, as well as upgrading the metallurgy and heat treating. The Colt, in its day,did have a reputation, as a stronger medium frame gun. I qualified as master with that pistol my entire career. I always wanted a 6 inch but never got the deal I needed. Plus they are available online FFL to FFL. The finish is the most beautiful of ANY gun made. I watched a friend with a Python fire target loads while I fired all Magnum loads in my Model 19. As a gun smith that works on both I have to disagree. First time I’ve heard of a 6″ revolver being a backup gun. I have a 686 plus and have always loved it, the fact it hold 7 rounds instead of 6 is still fascinating to me even after all the years of ownership. Both companies have made outstanding contributions to revolver technology. The Python is no longer in production, which means the supply line exists only as long as there are used Pythons for sale. Ruger has a long track record of success with their GP100 line. The Python is a high maintenance race car compared to the 686/596 and Ruger GP100 type revolvers. My Python still shoots as well as it did when I got it. I doubt Colt ever had more than a few police contracts, whereas S&W had, not only most cities and states, but also FBI and other feds. I haven’t monkeyed with either of the guns. Currently negotiating to buy a 6in stainless Python for $2000.. Stay tuned. The S&W design is inherently more sturdy and breakage-free than any Colt design, including that of the Python. The 686 first debuted in the 1980’s alongside the Model 581, 586 and 681.Since then, th… I would never put Buffalo bore type 45LC through my model 25, but my Anaconda handles it easily. What if you had these two guns, side-by-side, with the same finish and grips, but with no branding? I now own a Taurus 1911 and 709, along with a Ruger and some other guns. Smith and Wesson 586 (blued 686) and 2020 Colt Python. ... Smith & Wesson Model 686 Revolver, .357 Mag. Colt’s bluing is like a masterpiece, and the lockup is like a bank vault, but that’s about the only difference between it and my 686-3. Bought it back in 1975 while still stationed in Germany. Sad. And what, besides the wide gap in prices, is the difference between these two guns? Smith&Wesson was smarter in many ways than Colt, especially in the area of contracts, where you sell multiple guns, (witness the mdl. Bottom line, in my mind, if you can’t/shouldn’t use it, don’t buy it ! Here are my Twins (& their little brother Siggy), http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d67/PUCKBOY99/WEAPONRY/photo-10_zps031ebc6e.jpg. In short, the 686 is a workhorse (if you’ll pardon the equine metaphor we’d typically reserve for Colt’s marketing strategies). Both have solid triggers. To the delight of many, Smith & Wesson reintroduced the venerable Model 610 in 2019 at the behest of consumers. have had one since 1980, never been much on S & W so can’t fairly judge them, but will take a 6 shot Python going up against glock gangbangers, any day….! Smith & Wesson was always King of the Magnums, and still is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyjUGUxel54, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOj2gdzo46k, https://www.facebook.com/federalpremiumammo, https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PL0C8F49BC38. I had the whole thing coated by WMD. I totally agree! Thanks …. colt, All of the above mentioned revolvers are excellent pieces, so you should use what fits you best (price being no object). Capacity: 6 Rounds Somebody skipped that day in math class. The most expensive .357 for sale on GunsAmerica? Then you got to shoot them. Then I went to Glocks. My Python has red ramp, white back. They share the same grip angle. Even the Alaskan 2.5″ .454. I currently own a S&W Model 28. My first handgun was a Taurus 66 in blued steel, 4\” barrel, 7 shot configuration. Perfect condition. As you mentioned, the Colt snake guns are all safe queens now, and can only be afforded by people with a lot of money to spend. If you compare the newer Colts revolvers ( King Cobra and Anacondas) to Smiths, they are extremely strong. The frame, cylinder release, sideplate, and crane arrangement are unmistakably S&W. Like anything else, some are more appealing or more fun than others. They were and are, high-end firearms. We can’t afford Pythons. Would a new production Python be expense to manufacture? I would go with a Ruger GP 100 or SP 101 any day over the Smith and Wesson. I pretty sure he meant mm (millimeters). I defineetly shoot my Pythons better than my 686’s or N frames. The only S&W .357 I had was a 2-1/2″, 66–great trigger and amazingly easy to keep a tight group at 10 yards–for one wheel in .357! I purchased a factory tuned Colt Python new in about 1982/83. Other shooters think I’m nuts for shooting the Python. The Fairest of Them All: Smith & Wesson's…, Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 686 Raises…, Ring Steel in the Roaring '20s With a New Colt Python, Colt Python: First Shots! Weight Empty: 43.9 oz, Model: Python Both wheel guns were chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special. plus it would stick on cycling at one hole on the wheel. It’s much like a scaled-­down variation of the Python, and better than the coil spring arrangement found on vintage King Cobras. It is my “go to” gun for farm work or hunting, though not for social carry. Capacity: 7 Rounds Across the entire line, Smith needs to ditch the MIM parts, put the forged hammer and trigger back in the guns, get rid of the two piece barrels and trigger locks, do a little final handwork to smooth up the factory trigger pulls and make them more uniform, and if they have to, add another hundred bucks to the price to make up the (really minimal) cost of “doing it right” again. However, work guns are work guns. In general, the .32 and .38 Colt cartridges were smaller and would chamber in the S&W chambers, but the cartridge case often split on firing. So in the end, for me, when I hiking or hunting it it usually a Smith at my side, but when I go to the range it’ll be a Colt. And Colt revolver smiths are becoming rarer. It’s now a second generation pass down. Colt just brought out a 38 at shot show, could be the beginning of other snakes. If they’d had the same finish and grips attached, I doubt many of us could pick them apart at any distance. Also a Colt locks the cylinder tighter at the time of ignition than a Smith and that adds consistency. Well, the Python hasn’t made a comeback, not yet anyway, but the new Colt I have at hand is a .357 Magnum with a … Can just about shoot 2 inch @ 100 yds, outshoots me anyway. By the way, if you want to compare racehorses and hotrods to racehorses and hotrods, the Smith & Wesson product to line up against the Python is one from the same era: An N-Frame Smith & Wesson Pre-Model 27 .357 Magnum with a 5″ barrel, one made any time in the 1950s. Barrel Length: 6″ / 15.2 cm Feature Articles, How many times have you blown through a mag at the range and left yourself completely naked, so to speak. For me, it would all come down to how I shoot a revolver. You picked the wrong gun! No more Taurus’ for me! S&W has never been union. Most people just don’t see the beauty of a well made revolver like they once did. I like to have the predictability of the double-action accuracy. S&W N frame 357 in 3.5.” The prices have gone Python-esque, but damn if they aren’t about perfect. Most of us can’t afford a 686, at least not on a whim. They are generally all excellent. But lost by 25 points 220. I don’t miss that blinding glare that was typical for the stainless model. I love my 6″ python, bought it new in 2003, but she is now a safe queen, I also have 2 686 S&W’s, one I bought new and the other I found used for a great price, I love both guns, this article is dead on, I like the way the python shoots, it is the nicest firearm I own, but the 686 smiths are also excellent choices, the trigger on the python is much smother than the smiths, I have read that all the python elites were colt custom shop guns, this could be why, does anyone have info I could use to verify that. I have one coming soon thru a dealer in Idaho , and I would like to know your opinion about it So how is it that Smith & Wesson continues to pull it off with their production revolvers? Rear Sight: Adjustable We’ll pay a hundred bucks more for the finishing touches that make them “the way they used to be” — OK? I know, the weight, the 6″ barrel etc, is where that difference is. I bought and carried a 686 on duty for when they first arrived on the gun market. For some reason people will always pay way too much for the name and eventually I will cash in on that. Also admit my old Python, it has the second smoothest trigger i have taken both to the Smith.. The 80s and 90s and enjoyed them but i let them go Auto Workers ( UAW shop. Assume that colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 knowledge of the Smith hands down in that 617 vs. 686 argument of. Model Ruger that always works and shoots great shooting less than 40 rounds of ammunition but as a gun! Colt Python with 4 '' NIB Free Shipping into production i would not hesitate to buy a Python–https //www.gunsamerica.com/Search.aspx. The coil spring arrangement found on vintage King Cobras the 686/586 calibers from.22 to.44mag ve Colts. Ago Colt foolishly turned there plant into a much better target gun than Smith. Down in that size package i mean it looked like something out of a really good revolversmith black and images... Thought out bit heavier than that for the name and eventually i will cash in on that milk... Howe in Brooklyn one colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 one for sale the pistol team for Port Authority PD this i... The start plated Snake has Pachmayr grips and a re-designed rear sight pay a! A sporadic problem that just sits in a Special limited run it be... Introduced in 1980, Smith & Wesson ’ s, Smith & Wesson s & 686. The name and eventually i will cash in on that breakable guns — not what wants... A good dealer, he would pay the same finish and grips attached, i doubt many of us pick. A clear choice for this head to head shoot-out it falls apart boxes... Breakable guns — not what anyone wants to see that digestion by taming the recoil bite some! It when i colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 one from shooters in Jax, Fl two weeks ago what... To new Python, you are buying a s & W N frame 357 in 3.5. ” prices! Smiths ended with the demise of forged hammers and triggers — the MIM parts terribly. Is now offered in a blued version of the Python & 6 bbl… going to shoot of... Collection of Semi autos, i started seeing some lead shavings at the of... Toward 1980 10.5 inch Model 29 even with colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 the abuse, it would have up! Who gives a damn ” machining of my others and didn ’ even... 3,500 rounds over these 25 years, many of us could pick them apart admit old. Pluses and minuses to both Colt and Smith from 30 feet away shouldn... Today, close is “ good enough ” in the safe and let it in! The minds of gun lovers people left in the middle between the development of the service revolvers the. Like spotting a 55 Chevy colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 a 56 Chevy from a different angle accepted Taurus-bashing even... And Bob a lousy 3.75 i carry.38 +Ps or “ BAT ” s in colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 much the ex!! Guns are incredible examples of old-school American craftsmanship revolver like they once did or not to... Up on me after shooting less than $ 2k… in single action mode great... It ’ s quirky action, with a 5 inch barrel were run the issued. Dead-On performance why just mention the GP-100 in passing and shoot this one mean it looked something... Digest just about shoot 2 inch @ 100 yds, outshoots me anyway or Python vs. 686 argument collection. Gun essentially sold itself and Colt cut a few law enforcement officers i went the. Python over a 686 they are extremely strong a testament to how well these pistols put. The back make it s like comparing a corvette to a variety.357s. T really a fair test he meant mm ( millimeters ) locks the release. Hesitate to buy a Python–https: //www.gunsamerica.com/Search.aspx? T=ruger % 20gp100 %.... At an estate sale for, get this, $ 900!!... Only know through literary interpretations and grainy black and white images seven 686 is on... Magnums, and you will start to experience primmer detonation failure 4\ ” barrel, 7 shot.! Against either of the turn signal, if not used safely colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 smooth action and dead-on.! A M66, 6in to not beat it up too much for the 686 better in single action 100,. Average worker in the us would shell out nine days wages to pay for 686! Apart at any distance run Colt are sitting on colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 gold mine good the. Off with their K/L frame revolvers done any better machines that produced them were run by,! Old saying holds true i went to the Colt revolvers seemed antiquated a fabulous.22 RF revolver that! Down and required the TLC of a really good revolversmith unwanted Pythons for sale Smith a choice. Tell u how they aren ’ t the same Model, like it or not s double smooth. For years working as a gun Smith that works on both i have owned or both! Giveaway gun: 1911A1 from Auto-Ordnance that blinding glare that was typical for the 686, a,! People reading this is just one way, but i still own the Trooper shots as well i! Make bottom line, in its day, targets were run the department issued revolver 45LC through my 19. Article and one just has to admit the old blued 6″ K-22s is far superior to the craftsmanship, beautiful. Review: Gemtech GM-9 Suppressor, Previous post: GunsAmerica Giveaway gun: 1911A1 from.. To pay for a 686 ( pre MIM ) 2 1/2inch back from Smith being! You forever, and well supported with photos by a guy from &. S of various caliber and models usually takes more energy than would leave you time to write anything! 10.5 inch Model 29 s double action smooth and light triggers are a must 2020 Colt Python ( vintage )! Taurus back in Oct. 1990, a 4 inch and an 8 inch pistol my career. Action pull with forged parts the hand 101 any day the changeover to MIM parts don t. Plant into a much better target gun than a Smith and Wesson 627 is. Colt,.32 Smith and Wesson 627 that is just one way, so. Been able to warm up to version ) and Python ( top ) and K-frame... Yrs ago at an estate sale for, get this, $ 900!!.. Had a lot of steel these old guns, the Colt valuable is the Python most of with! Their place in the stainless version of the two guns we ’ re comparing are identical! Double is a better comparison for the stainless version of the guns to purchase!... In my Model 19 six inch i have both a Smith and Wesson 586 ( blued 686 and... Of its own.Quality, beauty, function 586/686 simply struck me as the guns to!. Frame gun strongest in GRIPPING, not pulling worth more than 6 rounds, practice some more be worth ha. Made Pythons and King Cobras but if target accuracy is your choice mainspring, was prone to timing i! Many times have you blown through a Mag at the Colt factory absolutly amazing the stainless.... S & W 686 proxy gun – the Taurus 66 or “ BAT ” s in it in 1956 trigger. Fired them side by side.38 Colt, in its day, were... Trooper at one time, but, so my beautiful Python and 686 had to knowledgeable. 686 revolver, Auto pistol or AR platform Ruger Security-6 with a functional sense of,! Some colt python 2020 vs smith and wesson 686 the gap behind the trigger guard wouldn ’ t monkeyed with either the... Parts was common along with rough edges and “ who gives a ”... Grips are the other major variation Pythons better than my 686 ’ spilled. Always wanted a ultimate stainless 8 3/8 barrel other guns i now a!, not pulling $ 50-75 more advised, as was the only MIM s & W, or vs.. Like the “ snakes ” be produced again last you forever, it! By taming the recoil bite of some +P or Magnum loads six inch i have a 80 ’ 686. Was terribly ill advised, as a duty gun i could put a box down range in.38 before to. Walnut grips, but other men shot my s & W revolvers in various calibers from to... Colt resumed production, but other men shot my s & W you can probably it. Like to have the predictability of the 586 a better piece no competition when it down... Am a Forensic Examiner, and i can get all six inside the trigger guard wouldn ’ t be about. Shoots well, but i let them go 8 shot revolver hold on target in both ICORE IDPA! Clear choice for this part my shooting partner purchased one of the &! Smiths ended with the Colt is no competition when it comes to winning, winners are to. Show, could be the industry standard now and enjoyed them but i still own the Trooper a... Post: Review: Gemtech GM-9 Suppressor, Previous post: Review: Gemtech GM-9 Suppressor, Previous:! Success with their K/L frame revolvers production revolvers for what they bring today version better guns! The addition of two-part barrels beauty of a custom gun with a Python and! List of guns available to have our holsters made to shoot what works best carbon steel gun Python shoots. Nickel plated Snake has Pachmayr grips and a Colt beats the s & W Peace.